Work in Poland

Reverse Business Support it’s a polish recruitment agency, which is looking for citizens of Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine.

Our offer is dedicated to people who already are in Poland, and also to those who are planning to arrive to Poland.

The most common offered jobs are:

–        Laborer (machine operator, magazine, sanitation, housekeeping)

–        Packer (pacing, labeling, completing)

–        Sells assistant (store department service, online shops services)

We provide:

–        Legal employment (employment contracts, civil law contracts)

–        Salary adequate to work engagement and skills

–        Assistance in finding a decent price housing

–        For person having financial difficulties – partial payments in advance

–        Assistance in Polish study

–        Assistance in filling out official documents (visa, work permit)

–        For proven employees – possibility to obtain long-term work permit

Do you want to work for us?

  1. Fill in an Application Form and send it at:
  2. On our demand sell scans of the following documents (if applicable): main sides of passport (mandatory) with darkened picture and signature, visa, work permit in Poland,  university degree, driving license, forklift operational license.
  3. You receive further instructions via e-mail ,when we are able to offer you a job
  4. We do not charge for providing job offer. If anyone will demand any payment from you for employing in Reverse Business Support please report at: (however payments may be necessary for applying for work permit or visa via your local agents)

Additional information:

We encourage to visit official information for foreigners who want to work in Poland (which are not EU or EOG citizens)


We also encourage to visit non-governmental website , that contain useful information for foreigners visiting Poland.



  1. What salary can I expect in Reverse Business Support?

Salary depends on position. For simplest manual work its vary between 11 and13 PLN net pay for hour. Salary is fixed in employment contract. It is payed monthly around 20 day of the month. Attention: because we hire only legally, our employments have public health insurance and social security, and in the future polish pension (if they work long enough to gain it).

  1. Do you offer housing for employees?

Reverse Business Support is arranging housing for employees in decent conditions (bed, toilet, kitchen, internet) for the best possible low price. The cost of housing is fixed with employee and is deducted from the salary.

  1. How long can I work?

Most of our job offers are without time limit, which means that you may work for us even few years. Loyal and proven employees  may get our assistance in applying for long-term work permit and temporary residence card). In case of temporary contracts, they last for the period between 3 and 6 months.

  1. I don’t have money to live in Poland, can you help?

In exceptional and justified cases Reverse Business Support may offer small amount payments in advance. The condition to receive it is positive opinion of supervisor and working for us at least 1 week. Advanced payment will be then deducted from the salary.

  1. Do you offer payed invitation or work permit for those who want to come to Poland?

Reverse Business Support do not offer assistance in applying for visa or work permit. We encourage to go to specialized agents. For those who want to work for us we send all necessary documents for applying for work permit and visa, free of charge. Unused invitations are immediately rescinded.

  1. What if I have an accident or be sick while working for you?

Reverse Business Support hires employees only on legal contracts (employment or civil law). All our employees have public health insurance, which means, they do not have to pay additionally to go to doctor and are allowed to use Polish public healthcare system.

  1. I do not speak Polish, will you find me a job?

The ignorance of basic Polish terms is significant obstacle in finding a job in Poland. That is why we encourage to intense learning of Polish before your arrival. Nevertheless some positions do not require the knowledge of Polish or providing the assistance of Ukrainian or Russian translator. But the number of such position is very limited.

  1. I do not like working for you. What then?

You are not obliged to work for Reverse Business Support. If, for any reason, you want to finish working for us please inform us in advance, the best in writing. Attention: termination of the contract is not changing the term of payment (the 10th day of next month) and do not release from housing rent.

  1. I think you break my employees rights, where can I report it?

In the first place you should report it to your supervisor or to the Reverse Business Support Board of Directors (+48 22 629 65 19). If it want bring any results you may report to National Labor Inspectorate. More information can be found at:

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